Volunteer Spotlight

Hi my name is Winnie Yu, and Iím currently a teacher at the Child Educational Center. Despite the strong Trojan presence on this page, I refuse to hide the fact that I am a proud Bruin. I have a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Applied Developmental Psychology from UCLA, and a M.Ed and Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential from UCSD. Iím committed to working to improve the well-being of children, so I was quite excited when Dr. Foulk offered me a chance to help with FFGOIL activities. When Iím not working, I can be found reading, eating, photographing something (probably food), or hiking..
Hi, my name is Adam Hudson, and I work as an Instructor at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. I met Susanne Foulk when I first moved out to Los Angeles to work at USC, and she asked if I would be willing to redesign her website and serve as the webmaster. Little did I know that would also lead somehow to washing her car! I support the mission of the foundation and am happy to provide Susanne with web support. If you have any questions about the website, or are seek assistance on your own website feel free to contact me adamhuds82@gmail.com.
Katherine Brown
Katherine Brown earned her BA in Political Science with an emphasis in History from Vanguard University of Southern California. Currently, Katherine is pursuing a MA in Public Administration from California University, Long Beach. Katherine grew up in the Downtown area of Los Angeles and experienced firsthand "the poor education system that was being offered to children in low income areas." This experience impacted her tremendously and prompted her in making a promise to herself to make change in the education system and to become an advocate for underprivileged children. Katherine has also served as a board member for the Democratic Woman of the Desertís Scholarship Foundation and has worked with two California State Assembly members, helping to create college readiness programs for high school seniors and educating them about the California State Assembly and Senate.
Mishelle Colwell
Mishelle Colwell is a student at the University of LaVerne. She says, "I think the ultimate benefit I have gotten to see in working with the Breakfast With Santa over the years has been the faces on the kids when they receive their Christmas presents!" Mishelle has been involved in raising money for toys and gifts for the children in foster care, as well as handing out the gifts to children on the day of the event since she was twelve years old. She looks forward to the event each year and in helping to wrap gifts with others at the Annual Toywrapping Party.
Charlotte Liebel
Charlotte M. Liebel, M.Ed., author, poet, book reviewer, and freelance literary writer. Ms. Liebel published JOURNEY TO THE M.A. DEGREE, A Memoir. (c)Dec. 2010. Included the Composition Writing Series for English [ESL] A First Year College Curriculum. [Original: CSUN Oviatt Library.] Earned a Master of Arts in Education: Educational Psychology and Counseling at California State University, Northridge. Former Public Relations and Radio Account Executive writing features for print and radio for little theatre groups, Pasadena Festival of Arts, South Pasadena school functions, and family businesses = [Charlotte Foulk] in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Ventura County, CA., and in Nagoya, Japan.
Lynn Fisher
Hi, my name is Lynn Fisher and I have known Susanne since we were girl scouts in Junior High School! It is wonderful that a lifelong friendship has developed in ways that would not only be fun, yet would have an impact on childrenís lives! I earned my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Cal State University, Los Angeles and have been a second grade public school teacher since 1998. I love working with kids and have especially enjoyed working with Susanne as a volunteer for the past seven years with the Breakfast with Santa and Toywrapping Party for the children in foster care. I have also had an opportunity to participate in the Literacy Project at the Childrenís Court. Being a part of these projects over the years has allowed me the opportunity to know that I am able to make a difference in the lives of children in foster care. I look forward to utilizing my teaching background towards the development of the mentoring project.
Steven Hayes
Hello, I am Steven Hayes from Altadena California. My business career has been for many years in International Business and I am currently working with Investech Audio Group as the International Sales Director. I have been very fortunate to travel many places world-wide and have been immersed in world business affairs. I am also a father; and part time actor and musician. Traveling the world and living in Los Angeles has shown me the greatness of the human spirit and how we all are the same; people doing the best we can for our loved ones, our community and our world. I was intrigued by Dr. Susanne Foulkís program, as at its core it is imperative that we do the most we can to provide our children with the necessary means to live, grow, be productive and give back to our society. In agreement with Dr. Foulk, I believe that is done by education for all. I will do whatever I can to assist in Dr. Foulkís vision. We need your help as well. Please be a part of this wonderful mission.
Charlene Herring
Hi, my name is Charlene Herring and I am very happy to be associated with Susanne Foulk and her dream of helping children. My background is in business; I have an MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. I have spent many years in marketing, advertising and sales. I never thought for a moment that I had a humanitarian bone in my body, but as time went on, satisfaction with a career in business dwindled. It became increasingly clear to me that all I really wanted to do was help children. Who would have thought!? So, I am currently working on my teaching credential and my Masters in Special Education. Children who are in foster care who may eventually become homeless have especially touched my heart and motivated me to help them. I look forward to working with Susanne to help youth stay off the street, and become fully realized citizens who can make positive contributions to themselves and society.